| step 29

pattern = re.compile('i')
quote = 'Not all those who wander are lost'

I have again a problem with the indentation . I believe the code is correct as I can see ‘None’ in the preview panel. Addittionally, I get the error saying " You should assign the provided string to your new quote variable." Again, I run the code to my editor and works.
While I am waiting to get some help I am reading this Indentation in Python - GeeksforGeeks
Thank you

You don’t have matching punctuation (missing a .)

really?? :smile: I really need to be more careful. Every single detail is important in this editor. Nothing should be missed even a dot Thank you so much

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Hello @AbdulioUnited
You may know this already or you may not, but the words and sentences highlighted with a gray background are intended to be taken as literal and significant. If you pay attention to that detail, more often than not, it will help.

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