๐ŸŽง freecodecamp radio stream details, please?

Hey there folks!

I am listening to the fcc radio for quite some time now. And today I just got to me that I want to code a similar project :slight_smile:

I am wondering which method it uses to stream the audio and sync it with the thumbnails and title and how this all is distributed in general.

can anyone enlighten me?

if youโ€™re curious, this is the githup repo for coderadio: GitHub - freeCodeCamp/coderadio-client: 24/7 music designed for coding - https://coderadio.freecodecamp.org

ty! canโ€™t seem to find where resources come into play, seems theyโ€™re accessed through some kind of API? Where are the calls being made? Didnโ€™t expect it to be that complex :sweat_smile:

the various components are defined in the files in src/components/, itโ€™s a React based app

well, obviously :sweat_smile: but still no call in any of these

App.js line 14, it seems it is using Nchan as a server from where the songs come

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