Freecodecamp survey form Project

Hello guys I trust you all doing great.
Kindly review my code on codepen if your hands are not to busy please.

It should be passing all the tests in the editor which it isn’t right now.

General feedback

  • Remove the width: 100% from the body selector. It is causing an overflow.

  • Your “Definitely” radio button is missing its id.

  • The “Back End Projects” label is missing the id attribute, it has a value without an attribute ="back-end-projects".

  • Add resize: vertical to the textarea to avoid the user pulling it wider horizontally.

  • I would make the submit button taller and full width, and add cursor: pointer to it.

  • I would color the background of the form instead of the fieldsets. That way the submit button also looks visually attached to the form.

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