FreeCodeCamp test script with react is not working

Hi everyone,

I have an issue with the implementation of the cdn link with the Calculator challenge from the Front End Libraries Projects. The script is working when react is off, but the FreeCodeCamp test script doesn’t show up when React is on.

Here is the codePen: When I run the project locally, the FreeCodeCamp test script doesn’t show up too.

Do you know what did I do wrong?

Thank you,

quentin Parrot

What do you mean by react is off and react is on?

I suggest you start a react app with create-react-app template.

Then include the cdn link in index.html under public folder. Then it should work locally.

Hi phillip,

Thank you for your help.
I already started a react app with create-react-app. By “React is off” I mean when I open with firefox the index.html file located in the public folder of my react app. When I do that, I see the script box, unfortunately, the react code is not displayed (cf: picture 1).

By “React is on” I mean after having run the command “npm start”. When I do that: I see the result of the react code, but the FreecodeCamp script box is not there…

On the CodePen:, I have the same issue, I don’t see the script box…