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Hello everyone!

Straight to the Point:
I’m keen on creating or contributing to a freeCodeCamp group in Warsaw or even in Poland. Does freeCodeCamp offer any support or resources for this endeavor?

Some Context:
About four years ago, there was a discussion on this topic. It seems there’s no current group or meetup related to freeCodeCamp in Warsaw or Poland at large. It’s unfortunate, given that freeCodeCamp is an outstanding platform for learning coding and so much more. Some of you might remember me as “LachPawel” (I’ve lost access to that account but hope to retrieve it soon). This is my first post using my GitHub-associated account. When I began my coding journey, freeCodeCamp was my primary resource for both materials and mentorship. I even had the pleasure of meeting some of you in person over the years!

The Problem:
Despite the ongoing IT crisis, numerous subpar paid courses and bootcamps continue to emerge in Poland. I’ve heard from many who’ve incurred debt to enroll in these courses, only to remain jobless afterward. While IT remains a sought-after field in Poland, many are unaware of freeCodeCamp. We have quite a lot of meetups, conferences, and hackathons, but they often cater to niche topics. Furthermore, I’ve observed newcomers attending these events and leaving either with minimal learning or heightened imposter syndrome.

The Solution:
Why not establish a freeCodeCamp Warsaw group or even a broader freeCodeCamp Poland community? This would unite enthusiasts, promoting mutual learning, contributions, and knowledge exchange. I’ve contemplated initiating a coder space, meetup, or even a GitHub repository to assemble a larger group for collaborative projects. However, it often makes more sense to enhance an existing community, especially when we align in values and vision. I’m aware of such groups in various global locations, so why not in Poland?

Action Steps:
Here’s where I seek guidance:

  1. Does a group or meetup for this purpose already exist (such as freeCodeCamp Warsaw etc.) that simply needs reactivation?
  2. How many members here, especially from Warsaw or nearby, are interested in forming such a community?
  3. What steps should I take to establish this organisation? What responsibilities come with it, and are there any benefits or support available from the official community? This includes legal aspects, promotion, marketing, and potential financial assistance.
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Local freeCodeCamp groups are all self-organized. Every one was created by some individual who took the time to find and organize a meeting location, network, share, and build a local community.

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