FreeCodeCamp wont load

I made an account and the first loading screen is just stuck on 41% I’ve restarted and tried other links

Hi, welcome to the forum!

Which screen is that, can you share a screenshot?

Also, try another browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc)

also i tried other search engines they didn’t work

That’s not a loading bar that just shows how many donations were received as part of the target of 20,000.

Click on “Responsive Web Design” to start that curriculum.

Oh my god that’s so stupid :rofl:

Thank you

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To be fair, it is not clearly labelled

I also question the UX of having the progress animated like that. It just makes it look like it is stuck loading something.

Edit: I opened an issue for it.

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yea i guess, time to start learning with this site!

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haha great, i bet it tricked others like me aswell.