Front end certificates?

Hi all, i hope this isnt a question i should know the answer to soo…
Which certificates on FCC are front end?
I assume these are the first 5 from responsive web design up to APIS and Microservices?

And can someone explain what the data visualization, api and Microservices teach and are about?
This is very important to me and the next steps in my learning path, thank you in advance!

data visualization teacheas a library called D3.js, which can creates graphs and diagrams, and some about calling an API to get a json file and stuff with received data

microservices are back-end stuff

So i should learn data visualization for my front end learning path, and stop there on fcc?
( im not looking into backend yet so i assume i shouldn’t spend time on micro services)

It’s called Front End Libraries Certification, the one with React and Redux.

Data Visualization is something like you visualize a data to a graph.
API is something like you can connect to other services and so on.
Microservices, I’m not sure, something like NPM, Node, or everything that makes life easier I guess.

Sorry thats based on my opinion. You can further search.

knowing how the back-end works is useful and would make a better front-end developer

but if you are creating projects on your own, and do not work on full-stack projects (for example contributing to open-source), and want to stick to just front-end, go for it

So until front end libraries certification for front end career goal should be enough yes?

the part about API in the 4th certificate is also useful, it’s a short ten-challenge section

the D3 library is a bit niche - that is also something that you could expected to do in future, do something with a library you have never met before

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Thank you alot, this is definitely useful information

Keep in mind that freeCodeCamp is meant to be a single curriculum. While there are certain sections that focus on “front end” or “back end”, I would argue that doing those sections alone is not enough to be ready to work in the field, even if you only want to do “front end” development.