Front End Development Libraries Projects - Build a Drum Machine

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The problem I have is that my drum-machine plays only one sound on every bank and I’m struggling to figure out why.

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Challenge: Front End Development Libraries Projects - Build a Drum Machine

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You’ve created one audioRef but yet you are assigning it to every button. I’m guessing that is causing your problem.

You actually have access to the event details in the handler function you define. It will automatically be passed in as the first argument to the handler function. You can access it by adding the parameter to your function definition:

const playSound = (event) => {
    if (power) {
      audioRef.current.volume = volume;;
      setDisplayText(name.replace(/[-]/g, " "))

Take a look at what is being logged to the console each time you click a button. Hopefully that will get you started on how to solve this issue.

The docs also have some more info and options you can look at.

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