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Originally I cant seem to get the condition right to add in operators. So I added console log to check if my if else statement is buggy, but after I added the if-else statement, suddenly the condition is working, can anyone help to explain this?

the console log is in line 207 in js

Your code so far

Appreciate it if anyone could help on this matter!

Could you be a little more specific about what you want us to look at? Usually people want us to look at problems they are still having. But you aren’t having any problems :slight_smile: So it’s not obvious where we should be looking.

as I mentioned earlier, there is one line of console log affecting the test significantly and I don’t know why it happens this way, by just turning that line into a comment, I got 4 test failed, which bothers me because I thought console log is just printing it into the console.

You can have a look at this codepen, is the exact same code as the previous without the console log line (commented in line 207).

Sorry for the inconvenience earlier!

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