Front End Development Libraries Projects - Build a JavaScript Calculator

i’ve built out the entire project, however it suddenly stopped populating on the screen and i’m not sure what happened to cause it to break.

can anyone help with understanding what I am missing?

here is a link to the project:

Thanks in advance.

Have you looked at the console in code pen, or the developer tools to see what the errors are?

You have a typo in line 172 of your JS file. Fix that and your app will render.

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yes that was it, thank you! such a simple err, but how were you able to detect it? so I know what to do for next time.

I put the typo back in, to demonstrate.
Then, when I hit F12 to check out the browser console, I see this error:

It tells me that Ontput is not defined in your handleOutput method of your pen’s JS file at line 176.

Great thanks! That’s actually very help to know.

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