Front End Libraries Calculator

Surprise surprise. Trouble with a challenge.

I am 14 of 16 done the calculator.

I am hitting a dead end as now anything i touch to get the last 3 requirements, loses me ones that are already done.

Does anyone have a minute to point me in a correct direction? Maybe using regex’s to fix the last few requirements???

calc3 (

I cant wait until i am done this and then the last one/.


Two hints for you:

For the first test, what happens if you try to enter 5.3 + 5.3 on your calculator? Do you see something missing?

For the second test, what happens if you enter 5 + - * 5? What do you see? What should it be? HINT: 5 * 5

I believe i understand what is causing both of those to fail. I just have no idea how to go about fixing it. Anything i try then messes up another part of the calculating. lol

do i need to start over again using a different method of calculating?

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