Frustrated and venting a bit

I’m at my wit’s end with this whole thing. I’ve been working on my Portfolio page (html/css). I don’t know why positioning something seems so complicated. I feel like an idiot. It took me forever just to get some text centered on the page. Then I got it centered and it was overlapped by the navbar. So, I added 100px of padding to the top. Why can’t one section just follow the previous one from the html structure instead of overlapping it? Why have to add padding to stop the overlap? I get that it probably has to do with the navbar being position: fixed. But why should that create such a problem? And why is bottom: 0 doing absolutely nothing to move my text to the bottom of its section. Move it to the bottom of the screen (undesired) for all I care. At least do something! I’m so frustrated. I have tried so hard to Google the crap out of these things before I asked the forum. I was able to get the centering problem solved, but that’s it. So, I gave up and asked for help. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

I can totally relate. I have been through this a lot. I don’t necessarily have the answer, except keep at it. I remember when I did the very first project - the Tribute Page - and I felt so overwhelmed and had no idea what to do. Eventually I figured it out though. And now I look back at that challenge and think wow, that was so easy! (compared to the ones after that) I feel like we build on what we know with each one. I still have lots of room to improve, but I can see the progress I’ve made. Hope you can too! :slightly_smiling_face:

I always struggle with projects and etc, breaking it into sections helps me a lot, like i wanted to make a “shopping” site and it was so overwhelming so i thougt maybe if i break it in small sections like a Header and inside the header another section like menu, and thats what helped me the most, doing a checklist for the details of the page and then making it step by step. Thats the best advice i can give for you, and one last thing dont give up.


It always does unless you force it not to, so:

Yep, you’ve said “I don’t want this element to conform to the order it appears in the HTML, I want to ignore that and put it in a specific place on the screen”

Impossible to tell without seeing it, but bottom is property for moving positioned elements (ie ones you’ve decided you aren’t going to let flow as they are described in the HTML) to the bottom of a container. So to move to the bottom of that container, a. the element need the position property you want applied & b. the container you want it to be at the bottom of needs to have a height (otherwise, bottom of what?)

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It seems complicated because ultimately it is.

One of the issues with the web, is that its been built over a few decades, by a number of different factors, all trying to take into account the previous decades of work, while also trying to “add new things”.

All parts of the web fall to this issue, where “legacy support” is always required, as you don’t want to break existing websites with new browser updates.

Both CSS and HTML have gone through multiple iterations, and provide a bunch of different ways to do things, some easier than the other. Techniques used also change over time, where one would use tables (!) years ago, would now use grid.

So yes it can be frustrating, it can always be frustrating. That’s more the nature of web development, give it time, keep learning, keep growing, keep watching out for these landmines and do your best. Goodluck! :+1:

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