Function abTest

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i dont no what is going on it looks good but i cant get it to return the last function 0,0 returns 0… the last one can anyone c how i am wrong…thanku

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// Setup
function abTest(a, b) {
// Only change code below this line
if (a <= 0 || b <= 0){
return undefined;

// Only change code above this line

return Math.round(Math.pow(Math.sqrt(a) + Math.sqrt(b), 2));


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Challenge: Return Early Pattern for Functions

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The instructions say

Modify the function abTest so that if a or b are less than 0 the function will immediately exit with a value of undefined

You are checking if a or b are less that or equal to 0.


The challenge is asking to check a,b less than 0. So do not check for less than or equal.

if (a < 0 || b < 0){
  return undefined;

Thanku I figured it out now I’m struggling with the counting cards