Function does not work when clicking button

I am making a simple react counter, where on click INC button the value should change the value inside h1. But it is not working.

My code in App.js:

import React from "react";
import "./styles.css";

export default function App() {
  let count = 0;

  function handleInc () {
    return count++;
  return (

        <div className='container'>
        <button onClick={handleInc}>INC</button>

Her is my sandbox link:

You aren’t changing anything, that’s not how Javascript works.

  • function executes
  • count free variable is set to 0
  • a function handleInc is defined, which adds one to the value of count, returning that value.
  • the function returns the JSX: what that eventually produces is an HTML node with the text in <h1> set to the value of count (so 0).
  • it doesn’t matter if you change the value of count – the function has already returned the result, and in that result count is 0
  • you can’t change the value a function returns after you’ve returned it, that makes no sense.
  • you can rerun the function with some change to the parameters and produce a different result – this is what React does when you use state/props and the [de facto standard] function API.
  • you can use a data structure that is packaged with methods that operate on that data (ie a class), which is what the React class-based API does.

To retain the state, it has to be stored somewhere outside the function – this is why React uses state (and props to pass values into components). What you’ve written can’t work.