Funny thing, please explain

It’s wrong, but why can you replace 7F with 8 in short hex form with the same outcome?

I have no idea what is going on!!! I’m a noob at coding!!! lol

You might want to provide a bit more information. What value are you talking about? What color are you talking about?

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There is not much difference (mathematically) between 0x7f and 0x80.
Try it yourself and see. Place this in the lesson and see if you can tell the difference between the two. It’s imperceptible.

.orange {
    background-color: #ff7f00;

  .cyan {
    background-color: #f80;

(you could write it long as #ff8000 and still not see the difference)
0x7f + 0x1 = 0x80

EDIT: Should have noted that #f80 is actually short for #ff8800

thank you Roma. That was the thing I was implementing with my post. so if x7f is equivalent to let’s say 9,9; then x80 is like 10.

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Just to be clear, 0x7f is only equivalent to 0x7f. My point was that mathematically it is one digit away from 0x80 and therefore in the triplet used for the hexadecimal color the change is imperceptible.

9,9; and 10 are not hexadecimal numbers (or they’re not written as such here) so I’m not quite sure what you are trying to say.
You can search something like html hexadecimal to get additional information.
Or if you’re not familiar with the hex numbering system search on that.

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