Further Discussion - CSS color code

I just completed the marker color project. It left me with the following question:

How do I determine which color style I should use when coding - name, rgb, or HSL? I know it introduced all three to me. What is the standard?

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very good question, it comes down to what you are more comfortable with and what is more suitable to your project needs, i googled about this and this article showed up, here author introduced more color code formats, but this section seem like exactly what you are asking here as well, should be a good read, happy reading :slight_smile: Color Formats in CSS - hex, rgb, hsl, lab

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Thank you for the response and the article.

Okay. So it almost looks like it’s part of the evolution of the environment, with legacy support. People don’t like the old ways, so they make more intuitive ways, and then the trick is getting the browsers to support it.

That article was a fantastic tool. Thank you again.

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