Game of Life Project - I'd love your feedback

I finished the Game of Life project, I’ve put a lot of effort into it, and I’d l to receive some feedback.
I plan to update the code, and add some new features in the future.

first of all, tremendous looking project! Your effort into it really shows.

All the features you can tweak are really cool.

What I noticed was that if you either hover over the question marks or over the scales themselves, a pop up appears. But, if you just hover over a scale line, there can be some funky animation glitches with it.

Also, consider adding a close feature when clicking on the about link. I know you can close it by pressing escape on the keyboard or clicking anywhere else on the screen, but I think it provides a better UI.

Other than that, way to go.

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One thing I noticed is when I select a different color for Adult Color, it does change the colors on the board, but it still shows white as the color in the dropdown after selection.

Also, if I make the board too wide (wider than my screen), it looks wacky. I have provided a screen shot below.

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