Gatsby Image issue SVG Graph QL from Wordpress API

Hi, I have an issue I’m trying to get an SVG URL from my WordPress site using Gatsby and graph QL.
It returns the first two images in a repeater field but the last returns null. I presume this is because it’s an SVG saved in WordPress media. Is there any way to pull in like the original API but using graph QL.

For example here is how it looks on the API

                "small_image": {
                    "ID": 253,
                    "id": 253,
                    "title": "Adpilot Logo",
                    "filename": "adpilot-logo-1.svg",
                    "url": "/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/adpilot-logo-1.svg",
                    "alt": "Adpilot Logo",
                    "author": "1",
                    "description": "",
                    "caption": "",
                    "name": "adpilot-logo",

on graph QL I get this

            "small_image": null

Any ideas would be helpful?