Gboard acts weird on /learn

As title says, when i try to complete de coding challenges on /learn the app: can’t recognize backspace nor enter button; a “double cursor” appears a the text writes twice…
Please, add support for Gboard… My laptop doesn’t work (i can’t even turn it on), so my phone is the one that works…

Keyboards that use predictive text or autocorrect have issues with the coding editor.

I use Codeboard for Android to use the mobile version.

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I tried to turn off all the preferences on the Gboard after your reply, and the behavior is better now, but backspace still not working (i select the word/s and cut the selection😅).
Edit: backspace works if you hold the key for 3 sec and delete only one character per 3 seconds.
I will download codeboard. Thanks!

Edit 2: i notice that gboard works when nothing is selected or highligthed, like labels h1 or similar, maybe the problem is there…