Geostatistics and 3D modeling

Hi im working on a proyect to build 3D modeling for mining engineering and Geology but I dont know where should I look… I mean what programming language should I use for this purpose or what library look at. Another topic that im working on is using artificial intelligence to build the Block Model of the mine.
If theres any clue to where start im glad to read you :heart:
(Sorry for my poor english)

What exactly do you mean my 3D modeling? That sounds like finite element methods, which would be more C, C++, Fortran, and similar languages.

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With a little amount of drills, you need to represent whole massive block model volume, and you need to use the geology of the place and the information of the drill to build this.
From this to this
This is a programm called Vulcan but im trying to do a better program including AI to do this process more quickly

Just from what I can tell, you’ll probably want some people with PhDs and serious software knowledge to recreate Vulcan, let alone improve upon it.

Do you know any programming language to learn about this topics or to know how Vulcan works, like Three.js from javascript or anything like it? That would really help me a lot.

For something like this, I’d learn C, C++, CUDA. You don’t really see performance sensitive software being written in JS. (Though the GUI could be in JS).

Yeah im just use that as an example of 3D visualization but i get that. Thanks a lot :heart: I already know a little about C from a course from Harvard so i probably start from there.