Get index of object in array

How can I get the index of an obj in an array of objects?

const arr = [ {x: "a", y: 1}, {x: "b", y: 2} ]
const i = arr.indexOf({x: "a", y: 1})
console.log(i) // output: -1

I would expect the output to be 0, but it’s telling me the object does not exist.

You can do that if you have the reference for the object. Otherwise you have to use findIndex.

arr.findIndex(obj => obj.x === "a" && obj.y === 1);

I’m passing the object as a parameter dynamically, and it has more keys than just x and y. I am trying to implement a next button functionality. I think I’ll just use lodash _.findIndex method to get the index of the object.

handleNextButton = product => {

I need the index of that object in the array.

It looks like you have the reference of the object, in that case you can actually use the normal indexOf and it should just work.