Get weather data not returning data

I’m trying to get the weather data through ajax get but it’s not returning any data. I don’t understand why? Can you help?

Geolocation is blocked over insecure connection, so you must connect to CodePen via HTTPS in order to use it. Of course, this won’t work with OpenWeatherData because they don’t allow secure connections with the free account. I suggest switching to as they do have a free, secure option with reasonable data limits.


geo location works with firefox … atleast it did for me when chrome wouldn’t play ball.

My experience was the same as @nikrb described.

However, if you are thinking that you are going to use this as a portfolio piece, you might want to consider using a different API – I’m not certain that people are going to open your page in a different browser, just to see if the app works.

I have not personally changed the API for my APP yet, but I will likely do so before placing it in my portfolio.