Getting A Job is Hard

Greetings to all developers in the house.

But, I don’t know whether I should extend the greetings to myself or not.


About 7 months ago, I asked for advice on this platform that. “I’ve followed the curriculum to the end of JavaScript and Algorithms, but I can’t get job”

Someone replied me that “You can’t get a job with those certifications you still have to learn more”

Sincerely, I agreed with the person, so I buckled up, continued studying the curriculum.

But now. I have gone down to Quality and Assurance, just right before Python.

Still no job, no internship

The cost of data to continue with the curriculum is even scary.

Someone told me I’m a Jack of all trades. Because, I learnt JavaScript, React, SQL, many courses on FCC, on a row.

Maybe I need a mentor. I don’t even know.

I found myself in the programming field because I was searching on Google about 4years ago “The best ways to make money online”

But, having found this field, I develop passion for it that I can’t let it go, it’s part of me.

But coding without fuel (money) can be devastating.

I’m sorry for writing much. Please, sorry

So, if someone can advise me or direct me to a company’s paid and remote internship job , I will enormously appreciate. Forever grateful.

I’m Grace Olumuyiwa from Nigeria


Totally wrong advice, please build quality projects on your github profile in next 3 - 6 months and start applying for jobs ( internship, jr developer etc )

Without quality projects being built on daily basis, you won’t find job.

Which country do you live?

I suggest start looking into top VC funded startups ( Y combinator is my favourite ), start following their founders, CTO on linkedin.

Once you’ve built some quality projects, start approaching them on linkedin itself with your github profile

You will surely get job that time.

All the very best.

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