Getting src image

I’m trying to add a image to my page, but I can’t figure out how to get the src for it (it’s in my PC)

<h1 id="MainText"></h1>
<h2 id="MainText2" ></h2>
    <img src="got em3.png" width="400" height="200"> <br>  
<p id ="ColouredText" style="color:red; font-family: sans-serif;"> 

const theHeader = document.getElementById("MainText")
const ColouredText = document.getElementById("ColouredText")
const RandomNum = Math.random()
theHeader.textContent = "Random number of the day: " + RandomNum
ColouredText.textContent = "wow"

Path (if you need it)

C:\Users\capta\Downloads\The_Rake_Files\New folder\got em3.png

give the src the full path

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actually local files are not allowed access if the html file is not also local to that computer. you can upload the image somewhere like google drive

How could I get it from google drive?

file://c|/localfile.jpg I found from stackoverflow, try it replace localfile with your actual adress

Same result

if you are using linux than file:///localfile.jpg

I’m not using linux.

  <img src="file://c|/C:\Users\capta\Downloads\The_Rake_Files\New folder\got em3.png" width="400" height="200"> <br>  

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