Gh-pages image not showing

Hi, I’m new with github pages, I recently published my personal portfolio using github pages and gh-pages, it was successfully went through live. but all my images are not showing up. already tried search stack overflow but didn’t work . can you help me campers how to solve this issue? really appreciated. happy coding.

heres my github:

It is because on your gh-pages branch your index.html is still pointing to your dist folder. since you don’t have a dist folder just point them ./IMG/whateverYourImageIs

Thanks austin, forgot to mentioned everytime i do commit to my master branch the gh-pages didn’t do any update.

You can always check out the gh-pages branch and push to it when you do the commits to the master branch. Just gotta make sure you are pushing the correct stuff

Always i expect problem solve :blush: and i did also is , edit directly the gh-pages branch, is that one way alternative updating the branch? i’m new with GIT lol. anyways problem solve, Thanks austin. Happy Coding.!