Git and GitHub practice for all us noobies

I win!

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I love how you guys are all adding links to your fCC accounts and other schtuff

Udacity also has a couple free courses on git. I haven’t gone through them, but they seem to be rated pretty highly.

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thanks man!

I would definitely recommend adding them to the learning section… and get a GitHub contribution PR in the process :wink:

Haha, sure. I added more resources :slight_smile:

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For anyone who is interested in a ‘first time GitHub user’ thang…

Since it’s the end of the week anyone want to change the gradient on the background page?

Just comment in the issue that you want to take it on and fork the repo, clone it to your desktop, create a branch, make the change, then do a pull request.

Have fun!

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Well, It’s been a week and thanks to @DarrenfJ and his commitment to this project we had gathered at least 1 contributor per day and at least 2 forkers per day :slight_smile: I’m happy about this fact because that means it wasn’t for nothing. Thanks Darren and ALL contributors and forkers! <3

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Another challenge is up… this one from @RomchyFCC

Issue here: Switching name positions randomly on the page

Big thanks to DarrenFJ and RomchyFCC for helping me make my first pull request.


We’re about due for another change to the background…

if some can add some borders to the div’s… I think we might want to break that page up a bit more in terms of background colours…

And if someone can add a new gradient to the co-creator class…

the new issues are here:

Div to CSS

background of co-creator div to gradient

I was postponing learning Git for a long time, but then I saw this post two weeks ago and thought this might be a good reason to finally get familiar with version control and related popular hosting services. I did two wonderful courses on Udacity, one on Linux command line and one on Git and GitHub. So thank you very much guys for creating this project!
I also did a pull request to your repo. This became one funny page with everyone adding creative stuff there :joy: I hope the project lives long.


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Thanks for playing along!

We have a resources readme page too and are trying to keep it to free schtuff

Feel free to add to it, or create a new read me for the linux command line stuff…

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It’s the beginning of the week. time for another basic change to the website… update coming

later in the week than I wanted but busy with life

new issue to claim here:

Just go in and comment that you want to try it out.

Basically adding padding to the div’s and changing the border style.

happy GitHubbin’!

After a while I realised, there are many repositories like this one, I found one where you just write your name to a markdown file. It made me think, yes they have an even simpler idea, but it won’t get you started building anything important.
We made it so there is actually a visible outcome when you contribute and we have the option to also make it into a decent web page if enough of the community decides to help out :slight_smile:

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We can create a that links to similar projects. People can never get enough git practice, 'specially early on. it’s really something you have to do over and over to get it down.

Sunday’s here again

the regular issue (add your name) is still active

We also have a version of the site live:

latest issue:

If anyone wants to track the project without contributing we made it possible via

Many people have contributed so far and it seems we are steadily growing.
Awesome community, awesome people, awesome experience. Thank you all!