Github help posting issue

I need help on how to get my pens on github. when i post them on, css and js do not work because i am using free everything

Hi @UzaifaJamina !

You can create github repos for your projects and then use github pages for hosting.


where do i post html css and js

Please is this how a github page looks like?
Are you able to see it?


@UzaifaJamina Hi, you will need to create a repository on Github without a readme, LICENSE, or .gitignore.

Then on your computer run these commands inside your project’s folder.

cd my_project
git init
touch .gitignore LICENSE
git add --all
git commit -m "First commit"
git remote add origin
git push -u origin main
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@brandon_wallace beat me to the punch :grinning:

But you need to connect your current project files from your computer to the repo you just created.

Then you can worry about setting up github pages.

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how is my project supposed to be like before i run these command in it. I simply have separate html, css and js

Do you have a folder where all of the files are in?

Like this?

If so, then you can open up the command line and change into that directory

Then you can follow the steps that @brandon_wallace showed you.

everything is inside microsoft word documents

I would create a seperate folder and just have all of the files for that project in that folder.

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Like create a folder then one document for html, another for css and another for js or a different folder for all the there

Just one folder for each FCC project.

For the tribute page, you can have a folder called Tribute_page.
Then you can include all of html, css, js files for that project only.

let me get that done

I have created the folder and add the document.


Now you just need to open up the terminal and run those commands in the project folder you just created.

Which terminal please. where do i find the command line

You can also access it through the code editor if you want.

This is a screenshot from VS code. Click on new terminal and it will show up on the bottom.

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should i add this to command prompt?

Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa two badges earned tor quoting and for mentioning

Run each command one at a time.
You will need to change my_ project to whatever you called it.

You will need to change this part

to the actual github repo name

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