`git status` command error

Hello everyone, any help would be appreciated.

after cd into one of my local folders I typed the git status command to see the unstage files, what I don’t understand is why is it listing the entire Desktop directory when I never cd into it?

any advice or recommendation is appreciated

it depends on where you initialized the git repo, are you sure you did it in the folder of the project? if you didn’t, it is probably tracking your whole computer, and that’s not good

yes, this is the only folder I initialized but it’s tracking the entire computer and I can’t seem to understand why

I tried with other folders and those seem to be working fine but this one is giving the same response for a while now

What were your exact steps (commands)?

first, I right clicked on the folder and opened the terminal that way

then, I cd into the project folder using the terminal

after this, I used git status to view the unstaged files inside and that’s when it listed all the folder in the computer

Did you run git init anywhere?

no, I didn’t run git init

If you change back to your home directory cd ~ and run ls -al, do you see a folder named .git ?



yes, it’s at the bottom on the picture

Run rm -rf .git to remove that folder. Then change back into the freecodecamp folder and run git status.



this is the result

does this mean git was tracking all folders all this time?

Can you run ls -al inside the freecodecamp folder?


@RandellDawson this is the result

does it look good now?

Can you cd into the landingPage and list the files also (ls -al)?


thank you @RandellDawson

so I’m guessing that the error was that git was initilized on the entire computer instead of the one folder I am working on.
is that right?

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Yep that’s exactly it! It’s a pretty common mistake to accidentally run git init or even accidently clone another repo in the wrong directory. I do it all the time :sweat_smile:

Once you do this once though, you’ll never forget how to fix this problem!

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I was struggling the whole day yesterday to get this working and it kept on giving me red flags every time

anyways, I’m glad I posted this issue here to get some support

really appreciate everyone’s support and encouragement

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Sorry for not responding sooner. I stepped away for a bit. Yes, it seems you have it all straightened out now.

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not a problem at all

that was really helpful,

I learn’t something new today which is a bonus

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