Github For Beginners (?)

I am a beginner in web development and it didn’t take me long to realize that Github is an essential part of any aspiring web developer’s journey to employment. However, after taking a look at Github, it isn’t immediately obvious to me what I can use it for. For example, I know it’s some kind of repository for all kinds of old and new apps and programs, but as a beginner who can barey scribble away in html and css, it doesn’t seem like something I’ll be needing in a while. Can anyone give me advice on how to proceed with Github? Should I wait until I get good at html, css and javascript before joining? And what exactly is Github useful for and not useful for? What is the best way to use it to help build my reputation as a developer?
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Nicolas, 17.


GitHub is used for storing code, collaboration on coding projects, and is also used as a version control system, among other things.

freeCodeCamp has a public repository on GitHub

This is where contributors from around the world can report and fix bugs, request and implement feature requests, have discussions about proposed changes, track and maintain a record of changes, and lots of other things.

You can use it to showcase your projects and portfolio.
It has heat maps and lists showing the contributions you have made to various repositories. (Hiring managers are likely to look at this.)

I just started using GitHub, however I waited until I had a working knowledge of html/css/js so I could contribute. You may want to use it to store code and showcase your projects and portfolio as you develop your coding skills.


Thank you, that clarifies things. How much html/css/js is necessary to start Github? Ability to build basic websites?

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No html/css/js is required,

You need to learn how to use a terminal, as well as git in order to use Github,

I would recommend learning these, setting up an account and pushing your code to Github on a regular basis.

It gives employers an insight into how long you’ve been coding/learning, how often you do this, the quality of your code and projects. If you’re not pushing to a Github account or similar you’re essentially doing all this in private and no one can view your progress. You have no public evidence of your skills, progression or projects.

As well as this it’s a fundamental tool to develop software. Developers push (save) small changes to their code regularly using git in order to revert to the latest working version if something goes wrong. It’s a foundational skill and worth learning and using as early as possible.


Good to know. Thank you for taking the time to explain things so thoroughly!

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Git and GitHub are common tools used in programming. They help you manage different versions of your code and collaborate with other developers.

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All major languages are supported, right? And how does someone collaborate with other devs? I just don’t quite undersatnd the exact process.

Yes, it supports most languages. In the collaboration part, you create a repo and then invite the individuals you want to collaborate with. Mostly, developers use branches to add code to the main branch, instead of committing directly to the main branch. It’d be best to start learning and working with Git and GitHub, it’s the best way to understand the stuff I’m talking about. It’s a very crucial topic as far as programming is concerned.

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Thank you - it’s much clearer now. I’ll open a Github account soon, though I’ve only been coding for about a month and a half and I’ll probably wait until I can code some basic Javascript (I’m only learning html/css now).
Also, I’m doing everything with an ipad, so waiting until I start using a more serious OS like Windows, Mac or Linux so I can use the terminal etc. seems necessary to me.

Doesn’t matter what you’re learning. I see people working with HTML and CSS only, later on when they advance their skills, they add the JS code or any other code. There is no right time to start. What matters is you understand how the version control works and grasp the commands.

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Wow. I had no idea Github is so beginner friendly! Changing my mind…
…opening the account asap.
Many thanks!
N, 17.