Github Push Access

Of course I looked at the docs–didn’t quite understand what I saw there, so I’m asking the community. I’ve created a few public repositories to hold what I’m working on. I don’t mind anyone looking at what I’ve done, though I doubt it’s of any great interest.

What I would be annoyed by would be pranksters pushing stuff to my repositories, deleting stuff, or otherwise altering them. Does anyone know how I can make sure that doesn’t happen?


I think it’s password protected ? I could try pushing stuff in one of your repos if you like :slight_smile:

Other people can fork and make pull requests, but they can’t push to your repo. You are the only one with push access (unless your password is “password” or “12345”, in which case everybody has access …).

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Follow the steps mentioned in screenshot if you strictly want to give full access to the members of your choice.

As mentioned in the comments before, don’t do this unless you know what you’re doing. The best way to do things on github is to ask your collaborators to submit a “Pull Request” which you will then merge into your master branch

@timotheap, @BenGitter, @P1xt, I’m not quite sure how the password can protect me. I mean, I know that this is what passwords are for, of course, and my password is not some trivial-to-guess thing like “password,” but when I set up my repositories, setting up to push from my computer just involved doing git init, git clone, and git add remote commands–it didn’t ask me for the password at any point in the process.

Ok, P1xt, I’m still new at this–pull requests are when you ask me to allow you to introduce your code into my repo? Is that right?

Tim, if you’d be so good as to see if you can push to one of me repos, I’d appreciate it. Here’s a link. Please let me know how it goes.

@adityaparab, I’m afraid I can’t see your screenshot from my home computer–I’ll take a look tomorrow at work, ok? Thanks, though.

That’s the thing–I didn’t do that in that folder, pushing to that repository. Just git init, git clone, and git add remote.

Aha. I didn’t realize that. That’s very reassuring. Thank you.

Hello again, all. (In particular @P1xt) I now find myself with sort of the opposite question–sorry about that. I’m trying to push stuff to my repository from my home computer, and I’ve not been successful in granting myself that access. (Of course I know my password–I just don’t know where to enter it to clue Github in that this computer is also authorized.) Help, please?

The first part’s already done, of course. Thanks much for the docs link.