Give Links Meaning by Using Descriptive Link Text- what's the problem?

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    <h1>Deep Thoughts with Master Camper Cat</h1>
    <h2>Defeating your Foe: the Red Dot is Ours!</h2>
    <p>Felines the world over have been waging war on the most persistent of foes. This red nemesis combines both cunning stealth and lightening speed. But chin up, fellow fighters, our time for victory may soon be near. <a href="">Click here for information about batteries</a></p>

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Move the anchor (a) tags so they wrap around the text “information about batteries” instead of “Click here”.

Right now yor anchor tag is also wrapping around “click here”. Move it so the anchor is only one the phrase “information about batteries”

I do as you said. but, that’s wrong!

(Your code should move the anchor a tags from around the words “Click here” to wrap around the words “information about batteries”.)
by the way, the anchor a tag must be wrapped all the sentence from click to batteries. I do that but the code hasn’t solved yet!

if you would like further help, please try my suggestion and post your new code. I would be happy to help debug it further once you do so.

Thank you!

so right now your <a href=""> starts in the wrong place. Move it so it does not enclose the words “Click here” but starts from before the word “information”.

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Now it works.
Thank you! :smiley:

Click here for information about batteries

[instead of using anchor tag before word Click here use it before the information word}

like this:-
Click here for information about batteries


Thank you for helping! :smiley:

How are you everyone?
Can you guys please help me? I put in the (a) tag in the right position( I think) and is not working.
Any of you had the same issue?

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Pls i need help on this. i think i have done the right thing but still cant move ahead. Can someoen please help out ,on this?

Hi Matt, I had the same issue, but some how this is the code that solved the issue. Try it out and see if it works. Cheers! FCC Forum