Glitch Project: Show In a New Window vs Next to The Code

My project works as intended when I show the project “in a new window”.

“As intended” means that the Registration Form creates a new document in my database with an _id, username, and password. Once a new user is registered they will be redirected to the /profile page where it says Welcome, #{username}. From this page they can click the logout button which unauthenticates them and takes them to the home page (’/’). From the home page they can now use the Login Form to log back in with the correct username and password stored in the database. Logging in will take them back to the /profile page where they are greeted again.

When I show the project “next to the code” it does not work as intended. When I use the Registration Form to register a new user, a document in my database with the Username and Password will be created, but the server does not render the /profile page therefore the new user cannot logout and will not be able to use the Login Form.

Using the automated tests on I pass the following:
*You should register route and display on home.
*Logout should work.
*Profile should no longer work after logout.

But I do not pass the following:
*Registering should work.
*Login should work.

What does it mean “Registering should work” and “Login should work”? Since my registering and logging in does work when the project is shown in a new window while it does not when the project is shown next to the code. Is there a problem with my code or is it something with the way ffc tests the code or with the way glitch shows a project next to the code? I assume it’s me, but why would it work one way and not the other?!


My code so far!/peach-malleable-cilantro

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Challenge: Registration of New Users

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