Google and local authentication help?

Hii, I am implement google, facebook and local authentication in my project and I am successfully created local authentication for my local auth I am created a mongodb schema but I can’t understand that thing.

How I would create schema for google auth because google data is lot different compare to my local data, Is I need to create two schema for both. If yes how?

I guess you are using passport.js. All the authentication strategies and how to use them are available at passport.js. Specifically how to use google authentication strategy has been described here

I am pretty much understand google strategy but my problem is that I am only created 1 type of user schema for local strategy and for that schema I am only save those users who login via local strategy but how I will save those users who login through google cause I am only use 1 schema and google schema is very different compared to local schema.

How do I find and create those users It give a error.