Google Geolocation down

I don’t know if this is temporary (and I hope it is), but Google’s Geolocation isn’t workin at the moment in any project I’ve tried to check/validate and it goes so far as to see the Mozilla Developers Network live example after sharing my location I get “Unable to retrieve your location” -> — & if I didn’t share my location it would just keep on "Locating…"
Here’s a prtScr

After choosing a replacement for OpenWeather ( was the choice) it seems I’ll have to go to Bing or other similar (free) API to replace Google (or hoping that tomorrow will be a more sunny day … for me and for Google Geolocator)

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I’m not sure why you’re getting these results, but for what it’s worth, my weather app runs on the geolocation feature and the app is working perfectly fine–I just checked it and it’s getting and showing all the information it’s supposed to be.

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Are you using http or https?

A few months ago, Chrome deprecated the permission to allow insecure pages to access location data - and some other browsers followed suit, I think.

It’s worth a lot… been wondering what is going wrong and probably is my own Linux machine, because this as got nothing to do with Google API, Geolocation is a HTML5 feature.
And I saw it working before, I should get a new PC that is the problem :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I’ll just build it with fixed coordinates, then replace it by Geolocation and test it … on my daughters mobile (I have an old nokia, lol!). If someone stumbles on this issue here is an idea.

There’s actually a simple fix to this. As @JacksonBates says, Google depreciated navigator.geolocation on Chrome so that it only works with https sites, not http ones.
If you put add https:// before ' in your browser it works; then if you put links to your codepen with the same https:// prefix, when people access the page, it works.

The other solution is to use, but it isn’t as accurate.

I actually had a pop-up message when I looked at a Codepen page asking me to add the https://, and I think I may add my own pop-up to that effect as well.