Google's Console Isn't Working

I’ve been coding a bunch of things, but a few months ago Google’s console stopped working. I’ve been using Bing, because it’s console is still working fine, but I really want to know what to do. Stack Overflow said to change this option to All Levels.

I did that. I also found a Stack Overflow page that talked about turning on Developer Mode, but it was outdated. In case you’re wondering, the left sidebar is still saying that there are user messages, errors, etc., and it is giving me the right stats. Those messages just aren’t logging. Finally, just in case you want to know if my code is the problem, one of the many console.logs that don’t work are:

    for (let x = 0; x < dimensions[0]; x++) {
        document.getElementById("board").innerHTML += "<button class='" + y.toString() + "' id='" + x.toString() + ", " + y.toString() + "'></button>"
    document.getElementById("board").innerHTML += "<br/>"

This for loop isn’t nested inside any function, while loop, etc. Also, in case this helps, my Google verison is Google Chrome is up to date Version 92.0.4515.131 (64-bit). Does anyone know what the problem is? Edit: For som reason, this won’t show all my code. Just know that one of the many examples of console.log not working is in a for loop not nested in anything.

Why is there the word “true” in the filter? If you write something in the filter textbox, you are telling the console to filter for that text. If anything doesn’t have that text, you aren’t going to see it, and the filter persists between browser restarts/refreshes.

Also it’s Chrome (not Google), and Edge (not Bing). Bing & Google are search engines, not browsers, they don’t have anything to do with the developer tools, which are part of browsers.

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Thank you so much, that was it. And yeah, I don’t really know a lot of this stuff.

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