Got my cohort email!

Thank you @tropicalchancer - I’ve just seen your email in my mailbox !!

To be honest my first reaction was fear :scream: - : stuck with Back-End, a website on the side for a semi-professional project, and back to a full schedule… It’s like I fell off the wagon and can’t get back on it.

I’ll take my chances and try to do my best. If I see that I can’t, I’ll say it so as not to waste anyone’s time and energy.

So who else is out there? Anyone else actually excited with becoming a Beluga? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Congrats, @timotheap!

I, too, am extremely excited about being accepted into the February cohorts! Looking forward to it very much!


Congratulations! I bet it will be fun :slight_smile:


Wait wait, is the whole thing done over just email? Coz I was sure tropicalchancer said it was enough to apply via forum and didn’t actually sent any emails, just posted in the topic… ;o

Anyway, congratz. Im sure you will do just fine :smiley:


I got an email too! Very excited!

Didn’t get it… :disappointed:… who knows next time…
Goodluck anyway and enjoy it!

I got the email too! I’m so excited :slight_smile:

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Get ready for the next one in March.

Looks like I’m in too :slight_smile: I would love to get a jump start and get to know some of the others we will be working with.


Congrats! I’m in too. To be perfectly honest my first response was disappointment because it means that now I can’t give up (I just want to give up!!!) now that I’ve committed to the program!
Guess I really need this :wink:

Edit: no one take this the wrong way, I’m not giving up, ready to fight it out with all of you!


I’m so with you on that one :grin: I just don’t know how to get back into it, especially that I have so little time now - but on the other hand I feel like this is it, get back in the saddle now or be lost forever … We’ve got another ten days to prep’ - watch the last episodes of your life, and sleep the last full nights too… Sleepless nights, I’m back !


I am in too. Honestly I feel like naruto about to learn a new move. :slight_smile:
I am nearing the completion of my Colt Steele web dev camp so feb 17 is a perfect time for me.

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I’m reading the handbook again and the information about the cohorts and ChunguCentral seems to be missing! I’m pretty sure this was there before, right?

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You are right. It’s missing though it’s mentioned in the contents page. Anyhow the information is here.

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Hello all, see you on the other side on February 17th. Looking forward to working with you.


I got in too :slight_smile: !! Congratulations to everybody who has made it. Two more days.
Can’t wait to meet new fam.

P.S. Good to learn people (like @Tan-Moy) are already being competitive and coming prepared into it.
Let me know who else has been working to get an upper edge? Kudos. :innocent:


I’ve been working on finishing the YDKJS books; I also finished the FCC beginning JavaScript challenges.

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@AgedLace Great! Which book are you on currently?

@Tan-Moy How far (which topic) are you in Colt Steele’s course, (which I’m guessing is the web developer bootcamp at Udemy one right?)

@mrinworks - I’m finishing up App B of Scope and Closures … I must confess, this one has my head spinning … not sure if I’ve gotten anything out of it this time … going to have to go through it again probably several more times … but I want to at least read all of them through at least once before the cohort starts on Friday.

Yep you are right. I am just 3-4 modules from the end. But now JS fatigue is setting in and I can’t study as much I used to. Looking forward to starting the cohort and learning React (maybe) while I take a break from Colt’s course.