Gradient question

wth can i do to stop this background from repeating?

bad bkg

Try adding

html {
  height: 100%;

I think it won’t get rid of the repeating gradient, but at least the entire gradient spans the whole page.

To get rid of the repeat behavior entirely, assign grad to style.backgroundImage, not style.background. The former seems to override the background-repeat: no-repeat; in the CSS with the default repeating behavior. But then by doing that, the rest of the page will be filled with the dull gray background.

add min-height: 100vh to your CSS. At the minute, the body is the height of its contents, so you’re getting that weird aberration. With the extra rule, you’re saying make it at least the height of the screen. That should be all that’s needed.

ty for the help and infos :slight_smile:
workin good now !