Grid and columns

Hello everyone, I’m working on one of the projects for the responsive web design, and I’m running into a problem with my container. I was planning on doing a grid to control where things display on the screen and a grid within a grid to be able to further change and control different elements within my header. Got the header to work just about the way I want it to, but below it ( the rest of the parent grid) I can’t seem to get my divs into columns.

Can you guys look at my code and tell me what I’m doing wrong?

here’s the pen I’m working in right now.

Thanks in advance for anyone who contributes!

Your comment on the very top of your CSS is not commented out properly. You should remove it or surround it with /* and */.

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Well I feel pretty silly now… Thanks! that totally fixes everything :vulcan_salute:

No problem :slight_smile: I think we all make mistakes like that sometimes.