Grid css help me please!

Can someone help me with this code?

I try to put the div .hero-text-box under the navbar;
but It doesn’t work… what should I do ? I see many videos on youtube about grid but I don’ t understand why I can’t put the div in the 2nd row at 2nd column…
It is frustating that this is a simple thing İ want to do and I can’t and it is been 2 day that I tried on my own.

Here are two things to look at

  1. The selector in your CSS is div .hero-text-box. This will select any element with a class of hero-text-box that is a DESCENDANT of a div. But there are no elements like that in your HTML.

  2. The one div in your HTML has a class of hero-tex-box. Notice that there you’ve left the ‘t’ off of text.

Try fixing these two issues and see if you like how it looks.

İ changed but didn’t work …

How did you change your selector?

İ put the right name now as you said ; I put a t after x; İ didn’t notice it all…

That was just one of the things you need to change. The other thing is the selector in your css.

div .hero-text-box will not select a div with the class of hero-text-box. It will select an element with the class of hero-textbox that is a descendant of a div. But there’s nothing in your HTML that matches that, so your CSS rule is having no effect. You need to try to rewrite the selector so that it accurately targets the element that you want.

Thank you a lot :smiley: Now İ can!