GUI tinker python

I have attached the screenshots.I am trying them in pycharm ce in my mac computer.

I cant see the Click Me button on the GUI window.

Please let me know what i am doing wrong.

Many thanks

I haven’t really used tkinter, sorry I can’t be of specific help. But to me it looks like the code to place the button in the window is inside the clickMe() function. Would the button ever actually be added to the window unless the function was actually ran first?

First of all clickMe() function is not being called at all. You could start from adding “clickMe()” before last line but you still have action configuration in red. The best solution would be to take out two last line (starting with “action”) of the clickMe function and put them in to main program (in other worlds - just delete intendation from two last line of clickMe()-they should not belong to this function).