H1 inside or outside of main element?

Hi, I noticed that on the exercised the h1 element is places outside of the main element? Is this semantically correct? I am struggling a bit with the logic behind this.

Not really.

I wanted to fix it at one point but the problem is you would have to change all the challenges (the challenge seed code) that comes after it just to move the <h1> which is a bit of a pain. Semantically speaking it would make more sense if it was inside the main element.

It works either way: unlike the <body> tag, the <main> tag doesn’t have any special conditions on its use. Semantically speaking, it depends: is the headline logically part of the main content, or does it headline an entire page with multiple sections? The answer to that will depend on the overall content.

In the challenges, they probably do belong within the <main> element, but high-level semantics aren’t all that easy to infer when making up short contrived examples.