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I am in the process of creating my portfolio page. I have my name in an h3 element that is nested in the header element. Below my name is my nav bar. For some reason my name is below the background color of my header. I would like to have my name placed to the far left of the header floating in the middle (vertically).

I have tried to use the float property and the vertical align property in my css code and inline of my html code. Code snippet added below.

Please advise, thanks in advance!

My Name Here

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header {
background-color:rgb(206, 199, 199);
background-size: auto;
text-align: right;
font-family: “Didot” ;

#namelefttop {
float: left;
color: rgba(116, 94, 83, 0.886)

try making the position absolute and then padding it from the left and top

position: absolute;
left: 400px;
top: 50px;

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Thanks so much! I actually did try position but relative. However position absolute works perfect :grinning:

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