Hamburger Menu not working in CodePen

Hi All,

I’m attempting to implement a responsive hamburger (Three stacked lines) menu in the header of my “Build a Personal Portfolio Website” I noticed my own ‘tutorial assisted’ method was not working as it should, instead of displaying the menu, a single empty button is displayed in the center of the header despite any change in the screen dimension

As a test I copied the “example” navbar code directly from the bootstrap website and pasted it in an empty pen. This still did not work.

I have both jquery and bootstrap loaded under the javascript settings (in that order)

Has anyone else encountered a similar problem? I would post my code, but alas I deleted it out of frustration. However the bootstrap example code which I used as a test can be found here:



The examples from should work. Maybe you got the wrong Bootstrap version?

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Thank you! This hadn’t even occurred to me. I switched to version 3.3.7 and the navbar is now working as intended!

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