Hand Holding in Basic CSS

I started learning coding at codeacademy but hated the fact that it would tell you what to write, where and I never learned a single thing.
Starting at freeCodeCamp was such a great learning experience until I encountered:
/* add code below */

/* add code above */

This is the most ridiculous addition to a learning program, what in fact am I learning by being able to copy-paste the instructions into the target area?
Not sure whether this was added with the new update or was around prior to me reaching the stage, but this is honestly hand holding at its highest level.

If you’re copy-pasting, you’re missing the point and cheating yourself. That early in the course-work, the concepts are not difficult, agreed, but it does take a little bit of “hand-holding” and repetition to get used to the syntax. Otherwise beginners would be looking up syntax constantly, and sometimes still guessing and doing trial and error. I like the way FCC does that part. Give it a chance, and type your answers so that you’re not skipping the main thing that is being taught.