Has anyone used autonumeric.js

I am trying to implement some commas and decimals using autonumeric.js. I have hit a bump or two. When i type text in my first input, i get a comma, and a decimal (yay), but when my calculation happens and auto populates the fourth input, i only get a comma, no decimal. Code is below

<form id="form1">
  <h3>Lifetime Value Calculator</h3>
   <input value="" type="text" class='num1 demo'/> 
   <input value="" type="text" class='num2'/>
   <input value="" type="text" class='num3'/>          
   <input value="" type="text" class='num4'/>

This is my calculation which adds the fields together:

 $(".num1, .num2, .num3").change(function() {
   $(".num4").prop("readonly", true).val($(".num1").val() * $(".num2").val() * $(".num3").val());

And here is what I have so far using autoNumeric.js. Again, the math works fine, but the comma and decimal only works for .num1 but not for .num4. For that one, i only get a comma

$('.num1, .num4').each(function() {
   var autoNumericInstance = new AutoNumeric($(this)[0], AutoNumeric.getPredefinedOptions().numericPos.dotDecimalCharCommaSeparator);

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated

I posted last week but no luck, so i am giving this another shot. I am trying (and failing) to implement autoNumeric.js into this.

I have a form that does simple math, and i am trying to add commas and decimals for numbers…so 3000 is 3,000 and and a dollar field would be 50.00, or 5,000.00

I have tried and failed, maybe i am not reading the docs properly but cant seem to wrap my head around this. For the example below, the first and last fields would be dollar values. Please assist.

I have not used autoNumeric.js. And I am a little confused about the form is actually supposed to work.

I do see that you have a $0.00 on each line. This is a good start…

I would think that you could check the character length before the decimal. If there is no comma, and if the length is more than 4, then insert a comma before the final 3 characters that are in front of the decimal.

thanks for the response. I was able to figure this out after a lot of documentation reading. Much appreciated

I’m glad you got it working. Can you please check this question as resolved.

And, for future coders with similar questions, can you please share your solution?
Thank you.