Hatshepsut Tribute - Looking for feedback pls!

Hi there,

I’m looking for some input on how I can improve my tribute page project.

Do you think it’s too plain? Do see any areas where I can clean up my code?


Hi Frankycodes

I’m new to FCC and in no position to advise on code, but your design is very easy to read and follow the layout. However, it doesn’t seem to be responsive. (maybe you haven’t touched responsiveness yet and if so I apologise)

Happy coding :grinning:

Awesome, thank you! I will tinker with the responsiveness . :thinking: I just went through those modules, so hopefully I can figure it out haha.

It’s great. But there are a few improvements you could make:

  1. Add ‘text-align: center;’ to your ‘#img-caption’ element. This should center the caption below the image.
  2. The ‘alt’ attribute of the image tag is unfilled, fill it with a description of the image and try adding a border radius to your image.
  3. Finally, the biggest problem is that the page is not responsive.

Hope you keep improving.

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Thanks for the feedback! You’re right, the caption looks better centered. I will definitely work on the responsiveness issue.

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