Having an issue with CSS

Hello everyone, hope you’re having a great say.
So, as I started using this website for coding courses after I saw a couple of videos on Youtube, I had an issue with a Basic CSS activity which is

Use CSS Selectors to Style Elements

It basically asked me to make all the h2 elements blue colored, and I did what they asked me to do but still, it doesn’t let me pass through and shows me an error

Your h2 element should be blue.

This is what my code looks like currently

I’ve read some old topics regarding the same issue, but they don’t seem to work, well at least for me. Can you please lend me a hand? Did I write something wrong? Do I need to change the spacing? Let me know!

Hey @Amjed!
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Which Browser you use ?

Hii @Amjed, did you tried resetting the challenge code and trying again…
For next time you should use, get help button on the challenge page itself.

I’m using Google Chrome as my browser. And also, I tried resetting the challenge and retrying the same thing they asked me to do. Thank you for the tip about the get help button you mentioned, really appreciate it.

do you have a dark mode extrnsion? that would make the tests fail

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seems you need to assign the style you created to h2 elements so that it should be blue.
follow my example as I used red instead of blue
screencapture-www-freecodecamp-org-learn-responsive-web-design-basic-css-use-css-selectors-to-style-elements-1605443097399 (2)
hope it may help…

that’s inline styling, it is not what this challenge is teaching

the css selector h2 already target the h2 element

true, then get help option may help coz the code seems correct


h2 {font-color: blue}

I suppose the Dark Reader was the reason this is failing for me. Thank you all for the solutions your provided, really love it!