Having problem in 'Basic HTML and HTML5: Link to External Pages with Anchor Elements'

Whenever I select ‘Run’ option…it says…

// running tests Your


element should have the anchor text of “cat photos”. // tests completed

Anybody tell me…what is incorrect in my code…?
Specially @jwilkins.oboe
And sorry for the image…

please, don’t post screenshots. If you use the ask for help button your code is included automatically

the test message says it, you have the wrong anchor text

Oh sorry!!
But please tell me what’s wrong in my anchor text…

it’s not “cat photos”

But…where I’ve written cat photos?
I’m not understanding what u wanna say?

that’s the issue, it should be “cat photos”

Now,I tried that also…but it didn’t work…

what’s your code now? what do the tests say? what’s the challenge link?

What for a while I’m pasting that here

if you use the ask for help button it will be like you are creating a new topic with your code, but please do not post that new topic - but you can select all the code easily and paste in a new post in this topic

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Heyy sorryy…there was an error in copying the text that’s why I posted screenshot…sorryy!!

This is my anchor text…

And when I select ‘Run’ option it says…

// running tests Your


element should have the anchor text of “cat photos”. You need an


element that links to


// tests completed

Now tell me @ieahleen what is incorrect…

it is incorrect that the required anchor text is “cat photos” but you are using something different (there is never in your code “cat photos”)

if you post your code (above I explained a way) it gets easier

I’m not understanding…can you please post the full correct text…then may I can understand what you are saying…:upside_down_face:

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no, I will not post the full correct code.

look at your anchor element, do you see “cat photos” written there? what’s the anchor text now?

Niharika aapko agr kuch smjh nhi aa rha h to i will help ,No issue

Okayy…I will try…

No thanks…I know so many people…from which I can get help…
I don’t want your help bro…
Don’t help me bhai

no issue behen but jis hisab se aap har topic puchti ho na … i know it’s difficult for beginner… best of luck aapka web design course k lie… incase any help required is bhai ko yaad kr lena…

Hello There ~

As @ieahleen said, the text this links to freecatphotosapp.com should be
cat photos

Thanku so much…bhai🙂

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