Having Trouble Claiming Certificate

I’m having trouble claiming my front end certificate- I’ve completed all the projects but it doesn’t seem like there is any clickable elements on the page? I’ve already claimed my JS cert, and I remember that the process was submitting all the projects and then clicking the circle element on the same line as the certificate icon.

I’m honestly not really sure where to go to ask for assistance for this one.

Hi @devtayls !

Welcome to the forum!

You need to go to your account settings to claim your certificate. Before you can do so, you also need to agree to the Academy Honesty Pledge.

To make your certificate appear in your profile, you need to have your profile, your timeline and your certificates set to public. If you want your name to appear on your certificate you also need to have your name set to public.

Thank you.

I feel silly for not remembering that I had to click ‘claim my certificate’ in the profile settings page!

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