Having trouble removing dead white space

Hi folks,

I’ve got some white space at the edge of my menu. I’m not really sure what I can do to remove at and adjust the margins. I’ve tried the usual margin and padding adjustments, but I can’t find anything at the moment that’s doing the trick.

Thanks for your help!

If you want your section to stretch across the entire page remove it max width and margin, from there you can simply center the text

I’m happy with the section as it is thanks!

The bottom of the nav bar has extra white space


I want to remove this!

give the bottom margin of the ul 0px

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Hmmm, that hasn’t quite done what I expected it would do. The space is still there. Thanks for offering some suggestions!

Is this not what you are looking for

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Not sure how you got that…


I’ve added exactly what you suggested and more and I haven’t had the same result!

As @caryaharper has stated, the extra white space at the bottom of the nav is due to the top and bottom margins of the ul being set to 16px. Use the inspect feature and drill in on the ul (.nav-list) and then take a look at the ‘computed’ visual of the box for .nav-list. Here you will see that the top and bottom margins are 16px. If you go to the CSS rule for your .nav-list and add margin-bottom: 0; the white space for the bottom goes away, but remains for the top.

You want the rule for .nav-list Not .nav-list ul!

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The selector should be ul.nav-list



my brain is fried. I think I’ve been at the computer a bit too long.

I mixed up my selectors. Thanks for your help @caryaharper and @ChaoticDawg


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